Bags for leather goods

Manufactured in a variety of fabrics (viscose, cotton, polypropylene or polyester), they are available in different sizes according to their intended purpose: for small leather items (belts, wallets, coin purses...) the sizes vary from 10x15 cm up to 20x25 cm.

For protective bags aimed at leather handbags, sizes vary from 30x30 cm up to 80x55 cm.

The fastening can be with a single or double rope, and finished with a knot or with a knot cover.

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Bags for leather goods

Bags for leather goods

Bags for leather goods

Cotton, viscose, satin, 100% polyester and polypropylene, jute and flocked tissue

Single or double rope

Knot or knot cover

For small leather goods - from 10x15 cm up to 20x25 cm
For bags - from 30x30 cm up to 80x55 cm

Model type

  • Double rope
    Candy Closure
  • Single Candy Closure
    Double rope with bottom bellows
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Customize your bag

Choose the shape of the bag model that best meets your needs, then choose the color and the fabrics, complete your customization by uploading the logo or graphic you want to print and request a quote.

2 Choose the shades of color