Loving the experience

In the era of communication, creating a great user experience it’s absolutely necessary. Users choose products on the value they giving to the products and everything is important to increase the value of a product. A fabric bag is a tactile experience but the aesthetic of the packaging it’s important too.

Bag to customize
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Customized Bag

Over 140 standard customizations

You can choose a great variety of fabric and colors to design your bag. Any fabric is a selected material and the colors are guarantee. And if you don’t find your preferred nuance, you can ask for a complete customization to our technicians.


Details that matter

Personalisation occurs through the choice of material (cotton, linen, viscose or polypropylene), the choice of colour, size, shape (classic bag, expandable bag or duffle bag), the choice of fastening (handles or drawstring) and the choice of finishing.

Through the use of serigraphy or embroidery, we give character to the materials of our products, according to the needs of our clients.

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Customize your bag
Embroidered logo in one color
Serigraphy printing
Embroidered logo
Serigraphy printing

Beyond the conventional printing

Increasing the value of a product requires attention to every single particular, including the packaging and printing itself. We know very well how much important is to create a great impact product and of course we dedicate much time to experiment new printing solutions.

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