24 May


24 May 2022 / Digital FLEX printing in four colors: all the color you want on any surface of any color.

The printing technology carried out with "screen transfer" is one of the most widely used techniques in the field of fabric printing. It is based on the transferability of an image from a special paper support to a fabric, through pressure and heat.

Screen transfer is carried out through the use of a special screen printing machine, which prints the image on a special paper support, usually called "transfer paper". This support is then positioned on the fabric and pressed with a thermal machine, which applies the heat and pressure necessary to adhere the design to the fabric.

The main advantage of screen transfer is the ability to print complex and multicolor designs on irregular or curved surfaces, such as t-shirts or bags. In addition, this printing technique is able to faithfully reproduce the finest details and color gradients, offering a high-quality result.

Another important characteristic of screen transfer is the ability to customize the printing according to the customer's needs. Thanks to the flexibility of the technology, it is indeed possible to print images of any size and shape, on any type of fabric and in any color.

Screen transfer finds application in different sectors, such as the world of fashion, promotion and merchandising. Screen transfer is a versatile, flexible and high-quality printing technology, able to faithfully reproduce complex and detailed images on any type of fabric. Thanks to its versatility and customization, it represents an ideal solution for the printing of personalized clothing items, accessories and gadgets, offering customers a wide range of customization and design possibilities.

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