4 May


4 May 2023 / The brand as a functional marketing lever for conscious and responsible use of customizable fabric packaging

Packaging has recently become an increasingly relevant topic in terms of environmental and social sustainability. In this context, the role of the brand as a functional marketing lever can play a fundamental role in promoting conscious and responsible use of packaging.

Packaging, understood as a container used to protect and commercialize a product, represents an important marketing lever for the brand. Furthermore, it has been shown that packaging can influence consumers' perception of the purchased product.

The company can use packaging as a tool to communicate its values and philosophy, promoting responsible and sustainable use even of the materials that make it up, sensitizing consumers to the importance of reducing the environmental impact of packaging and encouraging virtuous behaviors.

In this perspective, customizable fabric packaging becomes a sustainable and trendy alternative: thanks to its versatility and the possibility of being customized with the company's logo, graphics and image, fabric packaging represents a fully functional marketing lever.

Firstly, it is a sustainable choice, as it allows consumers multiple reuses with a lower environmental impact, being made with eco-sustainable fabrics such as organic or recycled cotton.

Secondly, customizable fabric packaging can be used as a branding tool. The brand's logo is printed on the fabric in a clear and visible way, making the packaging an important marketing lever for the brand. In this way, fabric packaging can improve the perception of the product and influence consumer choice, making the purchasing experience more memorable and improving customer loyalty.

Finally, fabric packaging can become a tool to improve the customer experience: thanks to its versatility, the bag can be reused to contain other objects, or as a travel bag, offering added value to consumers and improving their perception of the brand.

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